Customer Journey Plan

What is a Customer Journey Plan?

A Customer Journey Plan is much more than a standard Sales and Marketing Plan. It is a complete sales driven system designed to help you attract more leads, convert those leads to buyers and then transform your buyers into long term loyal customers.

Our fully customised Customer Journey Plan will provide you with a simple, proven, affordable structure that will guarantee to help you grow your business.

Once we have helped you identify your target audience, we will give you an easy to implement roadmap that will be broken down into four key stages of the Customer Journey;

  1. AWARENESS - How to drive more leads to your business.
  2. CONVERSION - How to convert those leads into purchases.
  3. ENGAGEMENT - How to turn your buyers into return customers.
  4. ENTRENCHMENT - How to create long term loyal customers to your brand.

We will teach you how to integrate all of these steps into a seamlessly integrated and automated system that will help turn strangers into customers for life.

Does your business need a Customer Journey Plan?

  • Do you want to grow your business?
  • Are you unsure what is and isn’t working with your existing sales and marketing or unsure what you need to tweak to improve your customer experience?
  • Do you want to improve the workflow and systems to manage your sales and marketing?
  • Do you need help to stay laser focussed on the tasks and projects needed to grow your business?
  • Do you know what needs to be done but don’t have the time or the money to hire sales and marketing staff?
  • Do you need mentoring or guidance to help make sure that your existing sales and marketing strategies are on the right path?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions then you should seriously consider our Customer Journey Plan package.

Why work with us?

By working with us, you will end up with a fully done for you Customer Journey Plan that is:

  • Simple to understand;
  • Easy to execute;
  • Fully customised to your precise needs;
  • Affordable;
  • Proven to work;
  • Scalable; and
  • Guaranteed (if you are not completely happy with your plan we will keep working on it until you are, or fully refund you).

On top of this, the plan itself will be developed and overseen by IBS’ very own General Manager, Kelly Mackay. Kelly has over 25 years experience growing businesses across a range of industries, sizes, geographies and life stages. Throughout this time, he has created campaigns that have generated tens of millions of dollars and the Customer Journey Plan template is the culmination of all his knowledge gained throughout. Kelly has a passion for business growth strategy and lives and breathes our company vision….. “we believe that helping others is the secret to success”.

What does the Customer Journey Plan Package include?


Optional Extra

Resources to help understand the theory behind the Customer Journey Plan -
An initial half hour consultation to determine your precise needs and goals -
A high level analysis of your current online marketing presence -
Fully customised Customer Journey Plan for your business -
Summary of the tools required to implement the plan -
Overview of the HR requirements to implement the plan -
Outline of the Financial resources required to implement the plan -
How to measure your success -
One hour strategy session to discuss the plan and determine any pain points of implementation -
Deep dive analysis into your current marketing
Analysis or creation of a branding guideline document
Creation of the content for the Customer Journey Plan execution
Setup of software and systems to manage the Customer Journey Plan
Ongoing mentoring, analysis and strategic planning
(1-2 weeks)
Price $1,999 plus GST
(one time payment)
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What is the process?

The first stage will involve an initial online teleconference consultation to answer any questions you may have about the process and to determine if a customised plan is required for your business or if you can work from a basic template (approximately half an hour of your time).

If you are happy to proceed, the next step will be to gather the information required to complete the plan through the completion of an online survey (approximately half an hour of your time).

One to two weeks later, the initial draft Customer Journey Plan should be completed and a time will be arranged to go through the plan with you and to make any final adjustments (approximately one hour of your time).

The final Customer Journey Plan will then be forwarded through along with any outstanding invoices for payment once you are fully satisfied with your plan.

For the next few months we will continue to check in with you intermittently to see how the plan is going and to determine if you need any further help with any execution.



$1999.00 once

Our fully customised Customer Journey Plan will provide you with a simple, proven, affordable structure that will guarantee to help you grow your business.

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