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There are three graphic design services to choose from:
Pay Per Design
Full Time Designer
Part Time Designer
Casual Designer

About this Service

In the print industry, graphic design work is one of the most indemand value adding services a business can provide. As a matter fact, graphic design is crucial to many various elements of website development, online marketing, email marketing, social media, promotional materials and so much more.

Through the years, many cients have asked us for graphic design services to help grow their business and meet their customers needs. Today, we have a variety of design packages that ca suit your needs and requirements.

If you need something designed and/or executed on a specific budget, or you are onselling design or print services and want to make sure your margins are locked down, then our Pay Per Design package is a great place to start. It's also the perfect introduction to our Graphic Design Services and the experience of working with an outsourced staff.

No matter your design requirements, our team of creatives are here to help support your business and your customer's requests.

Why work with us?

There are many reasons for choosing IBS Graphic Services. Here are the top 10:

  1. Save Money. There are considerable cost savings to offshoring which cannot be ignored. People will sometimes say that we should be focused on employing Australians first, but we have seen that many businesses (including ours) have used offshoring as a low cost and low risk meanst to test the viability of a potential new position to bring in-house. Allowing businesses to grow in a financially sustaining manner by controlling initial wage investments in growth initiatives also results in long-term benefits to the Australian economy and workforce as more businesses get the opportunity to grow rather than fall over due to financial constraints.
  2. Save time. We take control of your recruitment, HR management, reporting, system's management, staff benefit sche,es amd staff communication to help free up your team to focus on your customers and growing your business.
  3. You keep everything. Many outsourced service companies will hold the data, contacts or work you have paid for to ransom if and when you wish to leave them. Every piece of intellectual property, every generated leads contact details, every artwork design or marketing peripheral created is and always will be yours, without question.
  4. There is no risk. There is little to no capital outlay, all of our services have options that you pay only for what you use. We do not lock you into any long term financial commitments. Moreover, you are not stuck with staff that you do not need or want and you pretty much have full controle of the workload priorities and ownership of all generated content.
  5. Use our established systems. We use the most up to date industry leading software to help execute our services. This means you can take advantage of these systems without the research, financial cost or staff training required if you had to find and implement them yourself.
  6. Partnership Pillars: With over 20 years experience providing businesses with back-end solutions and support, we know what it takes to help grow other people's business as a supply parter. Our company's vision is that if you do well then we do well, and to achieve this vision, we base every service we offer on the PQRST Pillars: Price, Quality, Range, Service and Turnaround speed.
  7. We know our product. Having operated with staff in the Philippines for over 5 years, we have established an in-depth working knowledge of Filipino laws, customs, procedures and recruitment methodologies. Our Philippines-based management team have years of experience with the recruitment and management of outsourced Filipino staff.
  8. We don't just sell these services we use them. We know what our customers need as we need the same things. We have made mistakes in the past so you don't have to and have a first hand knowledge of how to get the best out of Filipino staff to maximise results. If you run into a problem with outsourcing, it is probably something we have had to deal with ourselves in the past and know how to fix.
  9. Cultural alignment. Filipino staff generally speak great English, are close to the same time zone, are culturally aligned with the same religious holidays and have similar work ethics and attitudes.
  10. Our staff love working for us and they will love working for you to. We have worked hard to create a great working environment for our staff and in return we end up with loyal, honest, engaged and conscientious staff with the passion and willingness to help you achieve your goals.

Terms and Condition

Pay Per Design Services

  • A set price for over 50 different oriented or digital products, such as posters, website banners etc.
  • Includes up to 5 revisions of your chosen artwork to ensure you get exactly what you are after.
  • Each design or revision is provided in a guaranteed 24-hour turnaround.
  • Print ready and all source files provided with each job.
  • No minimum purchases. Only ever pay for what you need.

Pricing Breakdown

Product description

New Design

Additional New Design Proposal

Existing / Fixes

All one-page products
Multiple pages products:
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Comparison with other Graphic Design Packages


Pay Per Design

Unlimited Design

Full time Designer

Dedicated Account Manager
Dedicated Graphic Designer
Revisions Up to 5 Unlimited Unlimited
Scope of Designs Limited Limited Based on Need
HR Management
Consultation and Training
Use of tools
Turnaround Time 24 hours 24 hours As needed

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