Casual Virtual Assistants

There are three virtual assistants services to choose from:
Casual Virtual Assistants
Part Time Virtual Assistants
Full Time Virtual Assistants

What is a VA?

A Virtual Assistant (or ‘VA’ for short) is a member of your team who works remotely – usually from their home office and often overseas. Think of them as your virtual team mate! VAs can help with a range of tasks, from general admin, data entry and calendar management through to marketing, copywriting and bookkeeping. Even niche areas like IT support can be outsourced to a VA! One of the best parts about working with one is the time you gain back; time which you and your local team can devote to high value work that helps your business grow.

Casual VA

Do you have a one off project, an unpredicted spike in workload, or a short term gap in your workforce that you need filled? Or perhaps you want to test the waters to see if hiring a VA is the right direction for your business? Then our Casual VA package is for you. You’ll be assigned a rockstar team member from our pool of VAs who can assist with your requirements. (With casual, we can’t guarantee you’ll get the same VA each time, but we can guarantee they’ll be great at what they do).

What's included in a VA Package?

  1. Recruitment – Posting jobs, interviewing and assessing candidates and shortlisting for your review.
  2. Reporting – Timekeeping and compliance monitoring via time-tracking tools and regular reports on your VAs attendance.
  3. Payroll processing – You pay us in AUD and we handle all the overseas transactions, including foreign currency fees.
  4. Account management – We’ll appoint you a dedicated HR consultant who will be your point of contact and take care of any concerns you may have about the service or your VA.
  5. Satisfaction Guaranteed – Daily, weekly, or monthly reporting of your VAs performance to ensure tasks are completed and projects stay on track. If it’s not working out, we’ll replace your VA at no additional cost to you (valid requests for replacement include staff underperformance, attendance issues, resignation of VA etc).

What is the process of engaging a VA?

  1. Scoping Form – You fill out a quick and easy form giving us as much information as you can about the type of VA you’re looking for, the ideal level of skill and experience, the specific role or tasks they’ll be expected to fulfill, the number of hours you need them for and your budget.
  2. Research – We do the research and put together an estimated pay range scale for your approval and sign off.
  3. Recruitment – Once you’re happy for us to proceed, our team will set about finding you the perfect candidate! We write the job descriptions, create and place the advertisements, shortlist and interview the candidates, negotiate remuneration and finalise the contracts.
  4. Shortlisting and Interview – Once we’ve found the right person, we’ll present them to you for final interview and approval.
  5. Onboarding – We’ll help onboard your new virtual team mate, then invite you to undertake any company-specific training. From here, you’ll be responsible for communicating the tasks, responsibilities and KPIs to your VA. But don’t worry, you won’t be alone! We know it can be daunting doing something new for the first time, so we’ll be here every step of the way to help you through it. We’ll help define expectations and give you our best tips and tricks for finding success with your VA (how to communicate, how to project manage, culture differences, proactiveness, clarity in briefings etc).

Why should I hire a VA?

We’re willing to bet that, like most small business owners, you often feel there’s just not enough hours in a day! You’d love an extra pair of hands, but finding someone who can develop your website, write you marketing copy and balance your profit and loss ledger is a bit of a stretch! Add the costs of recruitment, training, wages and overheads, and it’s hard not to feel overwhelmed by the whole process. Enter the VA; a highly skilled professional who exists to make your life easier, rather than harder!

Consumers these days want personalised, high quality service that makes them feel like a boss. Totally understandable! But they also want it at an affordable price, and as much as we’d like to think we’re all on a level playing field, we’re competing with overseas companies that have much lower overheads than we do. The trick is to strike a balance of local expertise and overseas skill – nail this combo and watch your productivity and profits soar! Let’s break it down further:

  • You’ll save money: Hiring a VA is almost always cheaper than employing permanent staff. You gain an expert in their field without gaining all the associated costs (technology, equipment, floor space and payroll to name a few).
  • You’ll save time: Delegation is one of the keys to a successful and scalable business. Why sweat the small stuff when you can employ someone else to do it for you?
  • It’s way less stress: Remove the headache of staff contracts, onboarding, trial periods or, heaven forbid, having to move someone on because they are unsuitable for the job.
  • Increased Productivity Staff working from home are free from the distractions of a busy workplace. They are generally well setup to work in a focussed environment and you can expect increased productivity. They are often more monitored,
  • Your productivity will skyrocket: When you have time to focus on the tasks that have the highest impact, your business will thrive.

What makes IBS different and why should you work with us?

We’re not like other service providers; we know our stuff when it comes to VAs because we’ve lived and breathed it for years. We think our VA service is better than anything else we’ve seen in the market! Here’s why:

  • We find the right fit for you, not us
    VAs who work for an outsourcing company are entrenched in their own workplace culture. It’s simply unavoidable. Don’t get us wrong, it’s great for the VA but it often results in you feeling disconnected and not getting the best out of your virtual team mate. At IBS, we do things a little differently

    Our VAs work for you, not us. We’ll find you the perfect person for your needs, then give you all the tools, reporting and advice to comfortably and successfully manage them (while we take on the HR and admin pain points).
  • We eliminate all your risk
    Taking on a VA is a big step for a small business, we get it. That’s why we take on the risk so you don’t have to. IBS will carry the costs of ALL up-front recruitment, and we’ll never lock you into any long term contracts. If it’s not working out, we’ll find you a replacement! If you want to pull the plug on the whole thing, you can simply walk away at any time. That’s how confident we are in our service.
  • We’ve been where you are now
    We started on the journey of hiring VAs almost a decade ago – that’s 10 years of learning, fine-tuning and perfecting our systems. Under the experience of a full-time overseas HR manager, we now have almost 50 VAs on our books! They’re an invaluable part of our remote team and they have, without a doubt, contributed to the success and efficiency of our business. We believe helping others grow is the secret to success, so now we want to do the same for you.
  • We don’t believe in exploiting overseas workers
    When you hire a VA from us, you can rest assured you’re making an ethical choice. Our remote workers earn a higher wage working for us than they would any other outsourcing company, plus they have access to better healthcare and a 13 month bonus too! Our team tells us they love being able to work from home and avoid hours of commuting time into congested city centres, plus having a secure job and being able to support their families makes a huge difference.

Your Investment

The cost depends on how much help you need and the level of skill you require from a VA. Below are some sample estimates to give you an idea.

General VA Package




No set hours/ as needed 2-4 hours a day 7.5 hours a day
Can be different VAs The same VA but shared with other clients Your very own dedicated VA

Basic Marketing VA

  • Social media management and content management
  • Execution of campaign strategies (excludes copywriting and SEO)
Per block of 10 hrs @ $25/hr

July Sale Price: $12.50/hr
$20/hr $16/hr

Bookkeeping VA

  • General bookkeeping and data-entry
  • Month-end reports
  • AR, AP
  • Reconciliations
Per block of 10 hrs @ $25/hr

July Sale Price: $12.50/hr
$20/hr $16/hr

Graphic Design VA

  • Basic graphic design tasks (excludes logo creation or specialty design such as 3D, animation etc)
Per blocks of 10 hrs @ $25/hr

July Sale Price: $12.50/hr
$20/hr $16/hr

Specialist VA

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$25.00 month

Casual VAs can assist you for short-term tasks and various projects for as low as $25/hr, whenever you need them! Even though you may not get the same VA every time for casual assignments, our pool of virtual assistants have a plethora of skill sets so you can work with someone new every time if you wanted!

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$20.00 month

Have a part-time virtual assistant work on all those small daily tasks that you simply don’t have time for! Starting from $20/hr, you can have a dedicated virtual team member helping you grow your business by alleviating some of that workload.

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$16.00 month

Have a full-time team member to help your business grow! Depending on the skill set you need, a dedicated full-time virtual assistant will only set you back as low as $16/hr.

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