Reseller Tools.

You’ll never be alone. Our philosophy has always been partnership in print because we know it’s easier when someone’s got your back. We’ll do whatever we can to help your business grow, and that’s why we’ve developed a range of unique reseller tools to help engage your customers and expand your business.

Yearly Deals Calendar in Advance

  • Need help to grow your business? Our annual deals calendar is published 12 months in advance so you can confidently plan your marketing strategy ahead of time. Know what’s coming on sale when, so you pass on the savings to drive business, or put a little more money in your back pocket.

Custom Branded Product Catalogues

  • Are your customers aware of your full product range? How many of your loyal customer base would buy more from you if they knew everything you sold? Download our done-for-you personalised product catalogue as an instant cross selling tool proven to increase sales.

Marketing Toolkits Per Product

  • We know that selling new products and extending your product line is not only daunting but time consuming. We’ve taken all the fuss out of expanding your business by doing all the hard work for you. Product descriptions, imagery, mockups, FAQs, templates, all done for you, with every product that we launch.


Trade Only Overflow Design Service

  • We know you’re busy. We know that as a small business you’re so bogged down in the day-to-day operations that it’s hard to find the time to grow your business. So we threw it over to you in our customer survey to ask how we can help relieve the load? How can we free up more of your time so you can spend it elsewhere?

    We asked the questions, and we heard your answers loud and clear. We heard you saying it would be handy to have someone to quickly fix your jobs on hold, we heard you say you wished you had more help designing, we heard your struggles to keep up with the demanding deadlines of your clients, and we heard that with such small teams, sometimes you have to turn work away because there’s just not enough hands.

    We heard your overwhelming cry for design support, and have spent the last year building a system to support you. An overflow design service with flat rate fees, 24 hours first draft turn arounds, and free, unlimited revisions if and when required. Now you can keep servicing your customers no matter how much work you’ve got on, or how many designers are away.

Extensive Range of Everyday Super Savers

  • It doesn’t get cheaper than this. We’ve streamlined our processes and used our economies of scale to offer you some of the best ongoing deals that we can. We’re offering industry low pricing in an effort to help our customers grow. Whether you use it to bring in new leads, or to keep your existing customers coming back, these deals are hanging around because we believe that helping others grow is the secret to success.

Realistic Digital Artwork Proofs to send direct to your customers

  • We get it, we’re visual learners too. Help your customers better visualise your design in practise as we take your artwork and impose it on our products to create a realistic artwork proof. Sending this directly to your customers has proven to dramatically speed up artwork approval process and get things moving quicker.

Instant custom branded ‘Retail’ Quotes and Invoices

  • As a business, we’re constantly looking for ways to streamline workflows, not only for us, but for our customers. We believe it’s adding efficiencies to all those daily repetitive tasks that can make a huge difference to your day.
    • Step 1 - simply upload your own header and footer into the admin panel of our IBS portal logins
    • Step 2 - when quoting or ordering on our site enter either a percentage markup or the total ‘retail price’ you’d like to charge for this job
    • Step 3 - we’ll instantly generate a PDF Quote or Invoice with your branding, your pricing, and your quoting description. As easy as 1,2,3

Extensive Sample Range

  • We know it’s hard to sell a product without being able to touch and feel. We also know that people don’t always know what they want until they see it. That’s why every IBS customer receives a free sample pack full of a selection of samples from across our entire range, so you can see our quality and range first hand. We also offer categorised sample packs for a small fee so you can pick and choose which samples you’d like to keep in stock depending on your business. You might want our full range of pens but dont mind too much about letterhead range. With the option to purchase generic unbranded samples or have them personalised with your own branding, it’s never been easier to create a powerful marketing tool for your business.

API Integration and State of the art W2P system available

  • Looking to link the back end of your website to ours? Our open API allows for seamless integration if you’ve already got a banging website. Need something a little more flash or starting from scratch? We’ve spent the last 15 years fine tuning our W2P solution to now offer our clients a retail replica of our state of the art website so they too, can experience the benefits of a multimillion dollar e-commerce system for a fraction of the price. We truly believe that helping others grow is the secret to success and that’s why we couldn’t be more excited to share our portal